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Winter retreat

Take some time for yourself and join a group of likeminded innovators, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs for a weekend in the heart of nature in Brandenburg.


Over three days we will build our resilience with hosts Susanne May and Bibi Nanaki, the teacher of Business on the Mat and a global teacher with over 20 years of experience. Bibi Nanaki will guide us through a series of sessions based in elements of Kundalini yoga and meditation—powerful tools for reducing stress, connecting with our true selves, and healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This retreat will cap the first year of Business on the Mat, a weekly initiative for businesspeople and entrepreneurs from May & Company.

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Born in the winter of 2020 out of the Coronavirus crisis, Business on the Mat helped the May & Company community cope while simultaneously providing a space for being together virtually in isolation. This one-hour, weekly practice is designed for the working person and people of all levels of experience. Now open to people from the entrepreneurial world and business, Business on the Mat takes the most powerful instruments of yoga and meditation to help us build resilience to VUCA—volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.


Our three-day retreat will take place at Taubenblau, a homey villa in the heart of nature in Brandenburg. Situated among the forest, you’ll be able to take your mind off the modern world and settle into a period of renewal. We will step out of the chaos that’s become our world and into a place free from the stress of the modern world. Wonderful vegan food will be provided, and accommodations vary depending on your need and taste.


We understand that there are concerns about COVID-19, especially when it comes to our ability to travel and gather in groups. Taubenblau has a safe and effective COVID-19 strategy, and we are confident that we will be able to host a safe gathering for us there. In the event government restrictions impede our ability to host this event, we will create a virtual retreat you will surely enjoy.

For those who cannot join us in person because of COVID or other concerns, we will be exploring streaming options to allow you to participate in our retreat virtually from your home.

Interested? Please contact Maxwell, Digital Marketing & Communications at

Who: Businesspeople and entrepreneurs interested in exploring yoga and meditation as a mean of building resilience to the volatility of the modern world.

What: 3 days of relaxation, yoga, meditation, and healthy food, led by Business on the Mat instructor Bibi Nanaki.

When: Thursday 25 February, 16:00 – Sunday 28 February, 15:00

Where: Taubenblau, Lunow-Stolzenhagen

Cost: 535€, food and lodging included. Costs for the virtual version to be announced soon.

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