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We’ll never lose sight of your goals or leave your results to chance. To ensure your success, we’ll apply our proven, four-step process:

  diagnose, design, delivery, debrief.



areas in need of change and learning.


transformational solutions.


and implement solutions.


and measure


It is critical to understand your organization’s current situation and challenges so we can identify the areas that can benefit from solutions.


We bring a fresh look into your company’s core beliefs, values, behaviors, aspirations, and needs to tailor the solutions that will better fulfill your strategies and reach your goals.​

In the diagnostic phase we:

  • Analyze your organization’s status quo and areas of change using a variety of methodologies, such as documentation review, data analysis surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

  • Conduct stakeholder consultations and examine various sources of data to understand different perspectives, challenges faced, and dynamics.

  • Uncover blockers and enablers in your organizational culture which impact your organizational health and performance.

  • Identify the most important levers of culture and/or behavioral change to set the course for the future.

  • Define the solutions to be designed as well as their scope and set clear objectives.

  •  Align the expectations, objectives, priorities, and timelines with all key stakeholders.



From the results of the diagnostic phase, we design transformative solutions to reach the defined objectives and bring out your organization’s best. Our successful experiences with many organizations of varying size in both the public and private sector, as well as deep knowledge of psychology and approaches to organizational change, enable us to create powerful interventions.

In the design phase we:

  • Customize the solutions according to your specific needs, objectives, and capacity, bringing specialists to define the specific learning goals, activities, tools, and materials.

  • Foster awareness and emotional investment necessary to successfully implement change.

  • Identify and include strong promoters as a sounding board to stay on track.

  • Define a customized program or change intervention with a strong linkage between the development of the organization and its people.

  • Identify the right team to accompany you in implementing the solution.

  • Determine how and when to meet deliverables.



We count on a team of experts from all over the world who will provide you deep insights, knowledge, and expertise in leadership and organizational development when implementing the designed solution. Our team executes the designed solution with you. As implementation is key to bringing change, we will not simply give you a concept with a plan and walk away.

In the delivery phase we:

  • Co-create a strong narrative for the roll-out so that your people understand the benefits of the change.

  • Prepare carefully for each workshop or program intervention, no matter if virtual or face-to-face.

  • Personalize engagement to include every individual as everyone is motivated differently.

  • Facilitate with an inclusive, interactive, and engaging way to create a sense of psychological safety.



Change is not instant and immediate, it requires constant work, dedication, and effort. Therefore, after the deliveries we observe how your organization absorbs the solutions and embraces the change, so we can adjust the way to go forward based on the reception and success of the interventions.

To make this possible, we define metrics at every step of our engagement and:


  • Check these against our agreed-upon objectives—modifying the intervention along the way if needed—to ensure that you get the measurable results your organization needs and expects.

  • Design and apply evaluation of the intervention following the two industry-standard learning intervention feedback methodologies: the Kirkpatrick model and Phillips ROI. These industry-recognized measurement methods provide solid metrics to evaluate intervention effectiveness.

  • Provide you with structured and valuable data in the format of aggregate reports, which supports understanding the need to improve the intervention and/or the future challenges to be tacked.

  • Offer advice on the next steps moving forward by the end of the intervention, with recommendations for future learning and change opportunities.

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