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And get your life back....
Quit your 80 hours
a week
consulting job!
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Working at May&Co. means joining a team obsessed with our purpose to create workplace cultures where organizations and people thrive.

At May & Company, our 4 values  are more than just words on paper. You’re joining a team where diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of our business practices and culture.


In 2020, we introduced the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and continually  address our team members’ needs around purpose, learning, flexibility, and wellness. We practice what we preach and support our team in staying well-rested and energized. 



Make a real impact.

We distribute authority to those closest to our clients, with clearly defined decision-making frameworks and responsibilities. Own your work and make an impact on people’s lives and improve workplace cultures.


Learn and grow.

We constantly help our people to develop through feedback, coaching and training. You will have your own learning budget to spend on what you think is important. We also support with tuition fees.


Rest and recharge.

You get 30 vacation days, so you can rest and truly enjoy the time off.


Make the world your office.

Work isn’t somewhere you go, work is something you do. With us, you can work from home, the beach or in our office in Berlin Mitte. We give you the full freedom to decide where is best.


Relocation and visa support.

We offer a €2500 relocation bonus to new employees moving between countries, and we will assist and sponsor your visa application process for Germany.



As a creative content creator and designer, it is the right place to cultivate myself thinking and talking openly. Work has never been so motivating for me before joining May & Co. The team helped me to find my true self while potential are being encouraged.  Here is a place where everybody has their own superpower and will be valued.


Working at May & Company has given the opportunity to make an impact both on my team and with my clients. The increased freedom that we prize materializes in working from where I’d like and taking my own approach to solving problems. The team here is always willing to help and makes working here truly one of a kind.



May& Co. is a company that appreciates the proactivity of its members and lets employees´ initiatives be brought to life! All the team is encouraged to speak out and propose new solutions and ways of working to collaborate joyfully and make the life of people within the company more efficient. Being able to grow the company from the inside with your peers is a huge motivator!



May & Co. is a company where we as team members are held accountable for active participation. That responsibility is incredibly motivating to me because effective participation requires active development, learning, collaboration, knowledge expansion, and commitment to outcomes. What we do and how we get it done both matter at May & Co. creating an environment where every individual is empowered to make an impact.


I feel highly inspired and energized by working in an organization that is truly committed to creating real impact. Working with people that are equally passionate about helping individuals and organizations to thrive, and always invested in helping each other (and having fun!) is what makes me love working here at May & Co. It is a never-ending learning & growing journey.



I am happy to be a part of a team and company culture that encourages me to continually challenge my assumptions and provides me with the spaces and opportunities to take risks and learn. At May & Company, "we practice what we preach," as my colleagues role model agile behaviors that help to inspire not only one another but also our client-based solutions. Candid collaboration and a human-centric approach are the cornerstones of our company culture that helps to motivate us to perpetually strive for more.

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Conor Donnellan


We are currently not offering any positions. 

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