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Refine Well-being Strategy with Focus on Culture and Leadership

Case Study

Multinational agribusiness

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"A Leading International Agribusiness Measures Employee Well-being"

In 2022, a leading international agribusiness embraced a human-centered approach, aligned with its 2025 and People Strategies, to bolster its workforce's health, safety, and overall well-being. The advanced well-being program was designed to balance resources efficiently for a positive ROI, vital for the continuity of its global operations. The company prioritized psychological safety, providing mental health support, ensuring physical safety, comprehensive benefits, and upholding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The program's success depended on targeted measures to address work-related stress and psychosocial challenges. In its early phase, the company intended to progressively refine its strategy, moving from basic to more advanced employee support and well-being measures and programs.


"Balancing Business Outcomes with Human-Centered Leadership"

  • Aligning leadership development with cultural goals, balancing business outcomes with human-centered leadership.

  • Upholding the company’s commitment to employee health and well-being, key to its people-first culture, while enhancing psychological support to address COVID-19’s mental health impacts and ensure sustainable progress.

  • Increasing psychological support availability through the Employee Assistance Program from 42% to 72% globally, emphasizing a people-first approach in the company's support systems.

  • Creating an advanced well-being strategy for a consistent, personalized employee health experience, moving beyond traditional resource allocation metrics.

  • Enhancing performance tracking by integrating KPIs that provide insight, coupled with a practical, adaptable rollout schedule promoting continuous learning and review.


"Integrating a People-First Strategy into Company Culture"

  • People-First Strategy Integration:  Actions align employee well-being with the company’s people-first philosophy, leveraging benchmarking and industry standards to create a collaborative, safe workplace for a diverse, global workforce.

  • Comprehensive Well-being Strategy: Prioritizing psychological and mental health, along with DEI, using organizational psychology insights and the SEED Model. The company's comprehensive approach, driven by data analysis from engagement surveys and consultancies, led to a well-being survey identifying four key focus areas and 17 initiatives. These are set to establish a leadership-driven well-being culture, making leaders pivotal in promoting employee well-being.

  • KPIs and Roll-out Plan:  The strategy features defined KPIs to measure progress, aligned with financial planning. A global roll-out plan aims for a uniform, tailored health and well-being experience for all employees.


"Achieving Measurable Results in Employee Well-Being"

This rigorous analysis and benchmarking first assessed the current state of employee well-being and then identified four strategic focus areas over 3-5 years. Each initiative is linked to quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators for measurable impact, ROI, and soft savings.

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