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In an increasingly uncertain and volatile world, May & Company prepares its community to not only approach crisis with resilience, but to consciously open our hearts to help create a new world based in sustainability, inclusivity, and social justice.

Business on the Mat


Born in the winter of 2020 out of the Coronavirus crisis, Business on the Mat helped the May & Company community cope while simultaneously providing a space for being together virtually in isolation. The instruments of Kundalini yoga and meditation—both central to the Business on the Mat practice—are powerful tools for reducing stress, connecting with our true selves, and healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our community meets once a week for an hour so we can benefit from these powerful instruments and build resilience to VUCA—volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Recognizing that we live in an increasingly unstable world where ideologies clash alongside back-to-back crises and social upheavals, May & Company has opened Business on the Mat to anyone interested in opening her heart to forge a world based in sustainability, inclusivity, and social justice. Business on the Mat is a movement to help us reconnect with ourselves, so we can connect with each other and the planet. In the spirit of this, a portion of proceeds from Business on the Mat goes toward various social causes such as Kindernothilfe

Check out a few of the tools from Business on the Mat that you can use whenever you have a spare moment to take for yourself.

Global Digital Lunches

The May & Company team is scattered all around the world, which is great for our clients. But it requires a bit of mindfulness for us all to stay in touch and keep our community bonds. That's why we launched our monthly digital lunch series. Our colleagues in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa join us virtually for lunch, in Asia for dinner, and in the Americas for breakfast or a morning coffee. Our Berlin leadership team surveys our network for the most pertinent topics to discuss and sets the agenda. Most importantly, we check in with each other and make sure to laugh.

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