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Refine well-being strategy with focus on culture and leadership​

Diagnosis: A global development bank was falling behind its diversity and inclusion targets. To improve this, a global talent program was devised to secure the participation of female leaders in the bank’s leadership bench. 

Design: We designed a program for 50 female leaders which spanned over a 9-month virtual journey. The program included four virtual modules along with digital learning and coaching sessions to ensure a holistic learning experience. 

Delivery: To ensure an efficient global execution, the program was rolled out virtually and helped female leaders increase their self-awareness and understand how to lead cultural change as this was needed within the bank’s environment.

The core learning experience of the intervention was through peer learning where the female leaders were assisted by a coach to co-create a safe learning space in which they could share their current challenges and exchange and reflect their beliefs, values and behaviors.

Debrief: The program received very positive feedback from the bank’s sponsors as it helped participants up-skill their leadership potential. The leaders rated it with a NPS of 80%. Reference upon request.

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