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We created Business on the Mat for likeminded innovators, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs so they can benefit from the tools of yoga and meditation. These instruments help us to build resilience to volatility and open our hearts to creating a better world through business.

What is Business on the Mat?

Business on the Mat connects likeminded innovators, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs once a week for an hour of relaxation and renewal on the mat. The instruments of Kundalini yoga and meditation—both central to the Business on the Mat practice—are powerful tools for coping and reducing stress, increasing compassion, and renewing our energy. The combination of these benefits helps us to build resilience to VUCA—volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


Our course is taught virtually via Zoom by Bibi Nanaki, a world-renowned instructor of Kundalini yoga of over 20 years who is especially good at helping both newcomers and experienced yogis ease into the practice. This is not simply a yoga class, but rather a movement to help guide innovators, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs toward approaching crisis with resilience and compassion to creating a new world through business based in sustainability, inclusivity, and social justice. In this spirit, a portion of proceeds from Business on the Mat will go toward various social causes such as Kindernothilfe

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Business on the Mat was born in 2020 out of the Coronavirus crisis to help the May & Company community cope while also strengthening our team’s bonds and resilience. Since we live in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world, May & Company decided to open the practice to its wider community and other likeminded people over the summer so that everyone could benefit from the power of Kundalini yoga and meditation. Join us!

Business on the Mat meets virtually every Thursday at 18:30 CET via Zoom.

Cost: 12€, and a portion of all proceeds go toward social causes.

Upcoming Business on the Mat courses

We are currently taking a pause from Business on the Mat as we reorient toward a new style of practice. Stay tuned as we announce new sessions soon!

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