Our values

We live and work by our values at May & Company. Our values help bring out the best in ourselves and our work, so that we can deliver you the highest-quality solutions from the boldest and newest ideas.


Life-long learning

We embrace learning and grow continuously by approaching life and work with a growth mindset, helping us to evolve into life-long learners. Giving and receiving constructive feedback helps us and others leverage our collective ability and create meaningful work.



Be brave, be yourself. We stand up for our ideas and thoughts, even when they contradict conventional wisdom. We consider everyone’s ideas by giving the space for people to share their thoughts. Fear does not prevent us from trying, as every effort and initiative is another opportunity to innovate and improve.

Client impact

We see our clients as our partners, sharing both your challenges, priorities, and opportunities. Together we commit to achieve the greatest impact, designing the highest quality solutions for every client by building on your strengths.


Joyful collaboration

Joy enhances collaboration. We help each other grow and face challenges with enthusiasm for everyone’s effort. By understanding how everyone’s effort contributes to the whole, we achieve more. It is about “us” instead of “I.”