Our solutions


We take a holistic approach to helping you rewire and transform your organization—first asking the tough questions that expose the cultural and organizational obstacles preventing your organization from more fully achieving its purpose; then working with you to develop a long-term change management strategy that you can implement immediately—and that keeps your organization focused and progressing toward its goals.

Throughout the process, we work to develop a greater understanding of your culture from a systemic perspective. We explore its roots, realizing that culture is much more than a set of values—it encompasses the hidden rules that guide an organization, which most people aren’t even aware of.



Today’s leaders need a different set of skills and expertise than in the past. Still, many organizations have not adapted their old traditional leadership philosophies. We help companies to adapt their thinking and build new leadership models that address modern business challenges. By moving beyond traditional leadership training, we focus instead on strategies that emphasize empowerment, top-down cultural transformation, adaptive management, and problem solving.


We offer two ways to work together on your organization’s leadership development:

  • Leadership programs: we create and provide learning models for your organization in highly experiential programs that address your organization’s leadership culture. We provide customized strategies, tools, and interventions to transform it into the strongest culture it can be.

  • Leadership labs: We believe that true leadership is always co-created. Our unique labs are participative as well as experiential—meaning, participants co-create the content and roll it out with our facilitation and guidance.



Coaching is more than skill development—it empowers people to take individual responsibility for their own lives and circumstances. Coaching allows for a closer examination of the root causes of problems so that people can identify them, work on them, and become equipped to better handle them in the future. For all these reasons and more, coaching provides immense benefits to organizations.

In our coaching programs, we design and customize your learning process in a way that directly addresses your organization’s unique challenges, problems, and needs. We also link our coaching to your organization’s strategic goals and its desired future state, resulting in a much more consistent leadership experience for your team members.



As technology and business continue to rapidly evolve, your organization needs a solid learning and development (L&D) strategy to help strengthen your leadership and keep pace with internal and external changes.

We draw from our vast expertise and large design database—based on our work with a wide range of companies and organizations—to advise you on the leading-edge L&D best practices and methodologies that are the strongest fit for your organization. We conduct stakeholder interviews to identify your goals, advise you on what kind of L&D portfolio you need to best develop your people, and create a roadmap to help you successfully implement it.



Our management assessments evaluate the leadership qualities and management potential of leaders according to an organization’s management framework or competency model. They help provide an idea of how a person would perform in a management position, and what areas they need to develop to succeed.

We help you to establish a management assessment process that is transparent, consistent, fair, credible, and deeply sensitive to the nuances that characterize the expression of leadership competencies in a diverse, global organization. Our process enables employees to actively participate in the management of their careers and invest in developing themselves.



Leadership team dynamics is as critical to success as having a good business plan. Executive leaders must be able work together, complement each other, and function as a team. Our leadership due diligence and board dynamics services will confirm that you have the right people with the right skillsets in place. Where necessary skills might be lacking, we’ll also propose specific plans to build these individuals up to where they need to be.

Because of our decades of prolific experience working both as consultants to world-class organizations and as employees within them, we know what’s required to build a successful leadership team. We are experts in identifying the group dynamics, backgrounds, and functional skillsets of the world’s highest-performing leaders—and can tell you whether your current leadership team possesses these.