Organizational and cultural transformation

We take a holistic approach to helping you rewire and transform your organization—first asking the tough questions that expose the cultural and organizational obstacles preventing your organization from more fully achieving its purpose; then working with you to develop a long-term change management strategy that you can implement immediately—and that keeps your organization focused and progressing toward its goals.

We begin by diagnosing and assessing the current state of your organization. We do this by reviewing your existing data, as well as by conducting surveys, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and more to help determine your culture DNA. If your company or organization has already gathered its culture DNA data from previous feedback surveys, we can help you understand what the feedback data means.

Next, based on our research results, we translate your organization’s analytics into action by building hypotheses and assumptions for change. We categorize the various mindset, behavioral, and organizational change management principles (among others) that your organization wants to make by describing where you are now—your current state—and where you want to be—your desired future state. We then link these two states by outlining the most important things you need to change or shift in order to move forward and achieve your desired future state.

We then create a change management intervention portfolio based on the hypotheses we develop. This is where we provide the specific, corresponding interventions that will help you enact the needed changes. The portfolio includes skill-building programs, as well as programs for changing processes, practices, and culture DNA by breaking down old habits and creating new behaviors.

Throughout this change management process, we work to develop a greater understanding of your culture from a systemic perspective. We explore its roots, realizing that culture is much more than a set of values—it encompasses the hidden rules that guide an organization, which most people aren’t even aware of.

From this vantage point of deep understanding, we make your organization’s values operational. In other words, we turn them into day-to-day attitudes, actions, and behaviors that your team members will embody and uphold. We utilize tools such as Team-Defined Culture “Dos and Don’ts” Workshops that make it simple for your staff to identify and promote culturally aligned behaviors.

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