Management assessments

Our management assessments evaluate the leadership qualities and management potential of leaders according to your organization’s management framework or competency model. They provide an idea of how a person would perform in a management position, and what areas they need to develop to succeed. Our process enables employees to actively participate in the management of their careers and invest in developing themselves.

Management assessments provide a wide range of benefits to an organization. For example, they:

  • Generate actionable information for individual promotion/assignment decisions, as well as aggregate data for more systematic considerations.

  • Help build talent pools of future leaders.

  • Help companies support career growth and development.

  • Enable leadership and succession planning.

  • Facilitate the development of teams.

  • Establish greater awareness, clarity, and common understanding around management requirements and assessment practices.


We help you to establish a management assessment process that is transparent, consistent, fair, credible, and deeply sensitive to the nuances that characterize the expression of leadership competencies in a diverse, global organization.

First, participants complete time-tested psychometric assessments such as Hogan assessments, which are based on decades of validated research. These provide participants with insight into how “who they are” may impact “how they lead.”

Next, in order to validate how these psychometric instruments may predict individual performance, we supplement them with a competency-based interview with a professional leadership assessor. These interviews utilize behavioral questions to ascertain how the participants demonstrate your organization’s leadership competencies. Participants then receive a personalized competency analysis.

Then, participants have a conversation about leadership with their manager or coach and analyze their leadership competency profile as it compares to the company’s competency measures for the next management level. Based on this analysis, they create a personal development plan. The overall goal is for participants to gain clarity on their results and to identify actions to take for their own leadership development. Ideally, the conversation should result in a six- to nine-month personal development plan.

Our process enables employees to actively participate in the management of their careers and invest in developing themselves. Throughout the process, feedback is gathered in order to assess the successes of the program and any potential hiccups throughout the process. We also develop communication strategies to distribute the information across all levels of the organization—including the executive team, management, and individual team members.

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