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Leadership development programs and labs

Our strategic programs and collaborative labs help companies to adapt their thinking and build new leadership models that address modern business challenges. By moving beyond traditional leadership training, we focus instead on strategies that emphasize empowerment, top-down cultural transformation, adaptive management, and problem solving.

Today’s leaders need a different set of skills and expertise than in the past. Leadership is much less about hierarchy and the “art” of leading, and modern leadership styles are becoming much more about leading others to be flexible in change, developing intuition for identifying the right people, and cultivating innovation and continuous learning in employees. Still, many organizations have not adapted their old, traditional leadership philosophies. We help companies to adapt their thinking and build new leadership models that address modern business challenges.


We offer two ways to work together on your organization’s leadership development: programs and labs. In our leadership programs, we create and provide the learning model for your organization. In our leadership labs, we co-create the model with your team members. Each offering serves unique functions to address specific needs and deliver certain results, as follows:

Leadership development programs

Our leadership development programs address an organization’s leadership culture and provide customized strategies, tools, and interventions to transform it into the strongest culture it can be. These are highly experiential programs that typically involve structured, modular learning—not just in a classroom setting, but in a wide variety of formats. They often include a combination of intersessions, Slack communities, experiential learning exercises, executive speaker presentations, panels, and more. Participants find them to be fun and engaging as well as motivating and thought-provoking.

First, we determine the current state of your leadership culture, assessing its unique attributes, strengths, weaknesses, successes, and opportunities for growth. We work from a people-strategy perspective—identifying what your organization will need in the future to be successful, based on its purpose and what it wants to achieve. We also conduct thorough interviews with your CEO and other stakeholders to determine what the executive leadership team wants to see in their people in the near future.

We then provide customized, strategic learning solutions and leadership development plans that are needed to successfully progress your organization’s leadership culture and effect the changes that your senior leadership wants to see: greater strategic thinking, collaboration, innovation, employee engagement, and more. Our programs encompass a wide variety of strategies and trainings for integrating new leadership styles, managing and facilitating conversations across generations and functions, and much more.

Leadership development labs

We believe that true leadership is always co-created, so we set up our leadership labs to be interactive and collaborative. These unique labs are participative as well as experiential—meaning, participants co-create the content and roll it out with our facilitation and guidance. Groups design sessions for their fellow group members—similar to what organizations such as Google do. In this way, participants learn to create and lead as a group.

For example: one of the leadership labs that we run focuses on corporate power structures. This lab features various leaders in your organization—people of different ages, functions, experiences, etc.—that participants interview on video about their leadership styles. Program participants then watch the videos and reflect on which leaders they would follow or not, and why. We then provide experiential exercises and foster discussion around what your organization’s ideal leader would be like.

The final stage of the leadership lab is a group debrief session where your team members review their learnings throughout the program and discuss questions such as, “What does our organization need? What behaviors did we discover that we need to continue, which ones do we need to stop, and which ones do we want to adopt?” In the final step, we facilitate your team’s creation of a plan of action to implement those behaviors and ignite the group’s commitment to carry out their plan.

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