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Strategic leadership consulting

As technology and business continue to rapidly evolve, your organization needs a solid learning and development (L&D) strategy to help strengthen your leadership and keep pace with internal and external changes. This is especially true if your organization is growing or scaling. We draw from our vast expertise and large design database to advise on the leading-edge L&D best practices and methodologies that are the strongest fit for your organization.

While your employee development team may develop an L&D strategy, sometimes it lacks a strong connection to your organization’s overall business strategy. Your team may need an outside-in perspective in order to best analyze what is needed. That’s where our strategic leadership services come in.

We draw from our vast expertise and large design database—based on our work with a wide range of companies and organizations—to advise you on the leading-edge L&D best practices and methodologies that are the strongest fit for your organization. We conduct stakeholder interviews to identify your goals, advise you on what kind of L&D portfolio you need to best develop your people, and create a roadmap to help you successfully implement it.

Our analysis will show you:

  • Where your organization’s talent strategy currently is vs. where it can be. For example, you may have offered individual educational sessions, but don’t yet have an L&D pipeline or a comprehensive plan that you move employees through.

  • What other organizations—including your competitors—do and offer as it relates to L&D. We base our findings on L&D data, market analysis, and industry trends.

  • Your current L&D gaps and opportunities for improvement.

  • Our recommendations set forth in a plan to help you meet your strategic goals.

  • How you can complement your existing L&D portfolio with new ideas and best practices based on our findings.


Additionally, we can match our recommendations to your organization’s competency/DNA model and design a customized L&D portfolio with programs tied to each competency.

L&D programs should be comprehensive. They should include modular blocks that are customized based on your management levels—that your employees can advance through as they get promoted and take on greater leadership responsibilities. These modular blocks should be interlinked and build upon each other. We can advise you on how to accomplish this.

By combining our strategic leadership consulting services with our management assessments, we can identify systemic gaps in certain behavioral components, and discern dysfunctional leadership behaviors. Based on the gaps that the assessment data shows, we can propose an L&D portfolio focused on building leadership skills that are broadly lacking.

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