Facilitating cross-border collaboration.
Culture change through international collaboration

Diagnosis: A major European company with an autocratic leadership model and cumbersome inter-unit communications was losing opportunities to faster-moving organizations.

Design: Using the Experience-Insight-Integration model more than 700 leaders from all country organizations and headquarters focused on collaborative cross-unit cooperation and problem solving. In addition to the workshop, the learning journey has onboarding, closing and peer groups solving collaboration challenge.

Delivery: The two-day workshop consisted of five pieces:

  1. A trust-building exercise.

  2. Practice of the T-shaped leadership model, with focus on expertise within and collaboration outside of the unit.

  3. An FIRO-B assessment to clarify leadership relational skills.

  4. An exercise connecting situations to collaboration-blocking barriers.

  5. The creation of action-items and a blueprint for the future.

Debrief: The journey had a significant impact on company’s culture, leadership, and strategy. Reference upon request.