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Diagnosis: The leaders of a large international organization had grown inward and silo-bound, lacking trust and belief in others. To enrich their culture to promote innovation, they needed to become more open and mobile.

Design: We developed a multifaceted coaching initiative, providing each leader with an 360-degree assessment and coaching sessions as well as group coaching centered around self-awareness and peer exchange. 

Delivery: Over 300 people from 7 countries participated in the program. Aspects that mattered most to the leaders were discussed in the one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Participants in the group coaching sessions were drawn from different hierarchies and teams to create awareness of the many opportunities they had to share and collaborate.

The group coaching also gave the leaders fresh insights, best practices, and new tools to become more effective leaders.

Debrief: With improved leadership awareness, the program contributed to a change in the culture towards more collaboration in and within teams across the organization. Reference upon request.

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