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Diagnosis: After a remarkable decade, this global company had begun to falter. Successful innovation requires the right idea for the market (discovery) and getting it to the customer (delivery). We realized that the company was not very strong in discovery, which meant that its considerable delivery skills were being wasted.

Design: We designed a four-day program for the company’s 420 top executives based on associative thinking and five key skills embraced by innovative companies.

Delivery: A series of exercises guided the executives through a process that helped them to understand how these skills foster innovation and associative thinking, and how they can change their behavior to unleash these traits within themselves.

For example, we divided the team into smaller peer learning groups and introduced them to entrepreneurs. The executives’ biggest takeaway was a better sense of how to infuse a meeting with some out-of-the-box questioning and to create the proper environment.

Debrief: The executives left much better prepared to innovate than going in, with a detailed action plan and an array of tools for making their organization more innovative. Reference upon request.

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