Sylka Schneider


Sylka is an accomplished trainer and coach whose experience and commitment to excellence enable her to skillfully facilitate workshops and coaching in a wide variety of industries. She is passionate about assisting companies that are seeking to create significant change, from turnarounds to high growth. Her more than 15 years of experience with hundreds of executive management clients enables her to identify the competencies and critical success factors that drive high-performing leaders and teams. She focuses on helping senior management identify and exploit opportunities to dramatically improve business performance through innovative growth strategies, talent and leadership development solutions and natural planning processes.

Sylka has a former business career spanning over 15 years in international settings. She worked in a wide range of disciplines including sales and marketing, strategy, mergers and acquisitions as well as business development in global environments. This includes serving as Executive Vice President at a pharmaceutical company, where she was responsible for 400 employees across Europe, business expansions, and the bottom-line.